N-glycomic changes in serum proteins during human aging.

  title={N-glycomic changes in serum proteins during human aging.},
  author={Valerie Vanhooren and Liesbeth Desmyter and Xue-en Liu and Maurizio Cardelli and Claudio Franceschi and Antonio Federico and Claude Libert and Wouter Laroy and Sylviane Dewaele and Roland Contreras and Cuiying Chitty Chen},
  journal={Rejuvenation research},
  volume={10 4},
N-glycan profiling of the human serum glycoproteins including immunoglobulin fraction on different age groups of healthy persons shows substantial changes with increasing age in three major N-glycan structures. In individuals more than 40-50 years of age, there is an increase in under-galactosylated glycans and a decrease in the core alpha-1,6-fucosylated bi-galactosylated biantennary structure. These three glycan structures are also substantially changed in a Werner syndrome patient, to a… CONTINUE READING

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