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N-extension closed subcategories of (n+2)-angulated categories

  title={N-extension closed subcategories of (n+2)-angulated categories},
  author={Panyue Zhou},
  • Panyue Zhou
  • Published 5 September 2021
  • Mathematics
Let C be a Krull-Schmidt (n+ 2)-angulated category and A be an n-extension closed subcategory of C . Then A has the structure of an n-exangulated category in the sense of Herschend–Liu–Nakaoka. This construction gives n-exangulated categories which are not n-exact categories in the sense of Jasso nor (n + 2)-angulated categories in the sense of Geiss–Keller–Oppermann in general. As an application, our result can lead to a recent main result of Klapproth. 
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Let C be a Krull-Schmidt n-exangulated category and A be an n-extension closed subcategory of C . Then A inherits the n-exangulated structure from the given n-exangulated category in a natural way.Expand


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