N-acetylcysteine inhibits endothelial cell invasion and angiogenesis.

  title={N-acetylcysteine inhibits endothelial cell invasion and angiogenesis.},
  author={T Cai and Giorgio Fassina and Monica Morini and Maria Grazia Aluigi and Luciana Masiello and Gabriella Fontanini and Francesco D'Agostini and S De Flora and Douglas M Noonan and Adriana Albini},
  journal={Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology},
  volume={79 9},
The thiol N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a chemopreventive agent that acts through a variety of mechanisms and can prevent in vivo carcinogenesis. We have previously shown that NAC inhibits invasion and metastasis of malignant cells as well as tumor take. Neovascularization is critical for tumor mass expansion and metastasis formation. We investigated whether a target of the anti-cancer activity of NAC could be the inhibition of the tumor angiogenesis-associated phenotype in vitro and in vivo using… CONTINUE READING


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