N-Alkoxymethylation of heterocyclic compounds with diethyl phosphite via cleavage of P–O bond

  title={N-Alkoxymethylation of heterocyclic compounds with diethyl phosphite via cleavage of P–O bond},
  author={Zhengjun Quan and Rong‐Guo Ren and Xiaodong Jia and Yu-xia Da and Zhang Zhang and Xicun Wang},
Abstract N -Alkoxymethylation of heterocyclic compounds with diethyl phosphite via cleavage of P–O bond was investigated and a series of N 3-ethoxymethylated heterocyclic compounds were synthesized. A mechanism in which diethyl phosphite acts as an efficient surrogate of ethanol was proposed and supported by several evidences. 
N-Alkoxymethylation of Heterocyclic Compounds with Diethyl Phosphite via Cleavage of P—O Bond.
A new type of three-component reaction to achieve the synthesis of a series of N-ethoxymethylated heterocyclic compounds in high regioselectivity is reported.
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