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N 0 . 2016-001 A simple method for detecting the lifecycle of deep moist convection from discretized data

  title={N 0 . 2016-001 A simple method for detecting the lifecycle of deep moist convection from discretized data},
  author={Yoshiaki Miyamoto and Tsuyoshi Yamaura and Ryuji Yoshida and Hisashi Yashiro and Hirofumi Tomita and Yoshiyuki Kajikawa},
Deep moist convection plays a crucial role in transporting energy and momentum in the Earth’s atmosphere. Examining the convection is fundamentally important for better understanding of various atmospheric phenomena, e.g., typhoons, as well as the convection itself. We developed a simple methodology for detecting the lifecycle of convection from discrete spatiotemporal data such as output of model simulations or reanalyses, which are often used in the Atmospheric Science research. The method… 

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