N-(Triisopropylsilyl)pyrrole. A progenitor "par excellence" of 3-substituted pyrroles

  title={N-(Triisopropylsilyl)pyrrole. A progenitor "par excellence" of 3-substituted pyrroles},
  author={B. Bray and P. Mathies and R. Naef and D. Solas and T. Tidwell and D. R. Artis and J. Muchowski},
  journal={Journal of Organic Chemistry},
A most useful strategy has been devised for the synthesis of 3-substituted pyrroles on the basis of the kinetic electrophilic substitution of 1-(triisopropylsilyl) pyrrole (1) at the β position and subsequent fluoride ion induced desilylation. This now becomes the preferred route to 3-monosubstituted pyrroles 
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