N = 4 supergravity lagrangian for type-IIB on T6/ℤ2 orientifold in presence of fluxes and D3-branes

  title={N = 4 supergravity lagrangian for type-IIB on T6/ℤ2 orientifold in presence of fluxes and D3-branes},
  author={Riccardo D'Auria and Sergio Ferrara and Floriana Gargiulo and M. Trigiante and Silvia Vaula'},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We derive the lagrangian and the transformation laws of N = 4 gauged supergravity coupled to matter multiplets whose σ-model of the scalars is SU(1,1)/U(1)⊗SO(6,6+n)/SO(6)⊗SO(6+n) and which corresponds to the effective lagrangian of the type-IIB string compactified on the T6/2 orientifold with fluxes turned on and in presence of n D3-branes. The gauge group is T12⊗G where G is the gauge group on the brane and T12 is the gauge group on the bulk corresponding to the gauged translations of the R-R… 

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