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Något om röda tallstekelns (Diprion sertifer Geoffr.) skadegörelse

  title={N{\aa}got om r{\"o}da tallstekelns (Diprion sertifer Geoffr.) skadeg{\"o}relse},
  author={K. Forsslund},
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Comparative Morphology of the Mouthparts in Three Predatory Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Asopinae) Reveals Feeding Specialization of Stylets and Sensilla
The detailed structure of the predatory pentatomid’s mouthparts shown in this study can provide more data for the morphological differentiation of the mouthparts in the future.
Growth loss and economic consequences following two years defoliation of pinus sylvestris by the pine sawfly neodiprion sertifer in West‐Norway
Two years of heavy defoliation of Pinus sylvestris by Neodiprion sertifer caused a volume loss of 33 % during a 9‐year period after the defoliation of 90–120 years old pine forests. This loss