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Något om insamlingsmetodiken vid markfaunaundersökningar

  title={N{\aa}got om insamlingsmetodiken vid markfaunaunders{\"o}kningar},
  author={K. Forsslund},
The efficacy of a modified Berlese funnel method for the extraction of ectoparasites and their life stages from the nests of the African Penguin Spheniscus demersus
Compared to total counts, flea (combined life stages and larvae) and total ectoparasite abundance and prevalence were significantly lower and adult flea and tick prevalence was significantly lower with the modified Berlese funnel method compared with total counts.
From the Efficiency of Berlese Tullgren Funnel to the Spatiotemporal Variation of Two Uropodina Genera, Afrotrachytes Kontschán, 2006 and Trachyuropoda Berlese, 1888 (Acari, Mesostigmata) in Côte d’Ivoire
The results showed that the abundance of Afrotrachytes sp and Trachyuropoda sp was higher in rainy season, and varied significantly through the sites, whatever the season.
Soil biodiversity : myth, reality or conning?
It is claimed that the debate on soil biodiversity will remain open - and even sterile - as long as adequate sampling methodologies are not set up, critically evaluated and largely used.
Comparison of the Tullgren funnel and soil section methods for surveying Oribatid populations
A comparison was made of a Tullgren funnel and a soil section method for estimating Oribatid population in a black pine woodland soil. The funnel method was found superior for extracting particularly
Comparison of two methods of estimating efficiency of funnel extractors for soil microarthropods
The two methods of testing efficiency showed general agreement for most species and orders of mites, but known introductions usually gave significantly lower estimates than field populations.
The Distribution and Dynamics of Some Forest Soil Mites
tion (pF), and to transfer the requirements to another soil of known physical properties. The most important of the environmental factors controlling the physical behaviour of soil animals is
Eine Abänderung der Tullgren‐Trichtermethode zur Auslese der Bodenfauna, sowie ein Versuch zur Überprüfung der Apparatur and the Einfluss der Behandlung der Proben auf die Wirksamkeit der AuslesE werden beschrieben.