N{sub f}{sup 3}g{sup 6} term in the pressure of hot QCD

  title={N\{sub f\}\{sup 3\}g\{sup 6\} term in the pressure of hot QCD},
  author={A. Gynther and A. Kurkela and A. Vuorinen},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We determine the first independent part of the g{sup 6} coefficient in the weak coupling expansion of the QCD pressure at high temperatures, the one proportional to the maximal power of the number of quark flavors N{sub f}. In addition to introducing and developing computational methods that can be used in evaluating other parts of the expansion, our calculation provides a result that becomes dominant in the limit of large N{sub f} and a fixed effective coupling g{sub eff}{sup 2}{identical_to}g… Expand
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