N=4 superconformal symmetry for the covariant quantum superstring [rapid communication]

  title={N=4 superconformal symmetry for the covariant quantum superstring [rapid communication]},
  author={Pietro Antonio Grassi and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Origin of pure spinor superstring

The pure spinor formalism for the superstring, initiated by N. Berkovits, is derived at the fully quantum level starting from a fundamental reparametrization invariant and super-Poincare invariant

On D-brane boundary state analysis in pure spinor formalism

We explore a particular approach to study D-brane boundary states in Berkovits' pure spinor formalism of superstring theories. In this approach one constructs the boundary states in the relevant

On the classical dynamics of a pure spinor string on an AdS5×S5 background

We will discuss some properties of the pure spinor string on an AdS5×S5 background. Using a classical Hamiltonian analysis we will show that the vertex operator for the massless state that is in the

Non-BPS D-branes in light-cone Green-Schwarz formalism

A special ``doubling trick'' suitable to handle such boundary conditions is designed and rules for computing all possible correlation functions without boundary insertions are prescribed.

Note about redefinition of the BRST operator for pure spinor string in a general background

We discuss an analysis presented by Berkovits in Ref 1 in the context of classical mechanics and perform its extension to the case of pure spinor string in a general background.



Covariant Quantization of Superstrings Without Pure Spinor Constraints

We construct a covariant quantum superstring, extending Berkovits' approach by introdu\-cing new ghosts to relax the pure spinor constraints. The central charge of the underlying Kac-Moody algebra,

On the Covariant Quantization of Type II Superstrings

In a series of papers Grassi, Policastro, Porrati and van Nieuwenhuizen have introduced a new method to covariantly quantize the GS-superstring by constructing a resolution of the pure spinor

Consistency of super-poincaré covariant superstring tree amplitudes

Using pure spinors, the superstring was recently quantized in a manifestly ten-dimensional super-Poincare covariant manner and a covariant prescription was given for tree-level scattering amplitudes.

On the BRST Cohomology of Superstrings with/without Pure Spinors

We replace our earlier condition that physical states of the superstring have non-negative grading by the requirement that they are analytic in a new real commuting constant t which we associate with

Vertex operators for closed superstrings

We construct an iterative procedure to compute the vertex operators of the closed superstring in the covariant formalism given a solution of IIA/IIB supergravity. The manifest supersymmetry allows us

Massive Superstring Vertex Operator in D = 10 Superspace

Using the pure spinor formalism for the superstring, the vertex operator for the first massive states of the open superstring is constructed in a manifestly super-Poincare covariant manner. This

Ghost constraints and the covariant quantization of the superparticle in ten dimensions

We present a modification of the Berkovits superparticle. This is firstly in order to covariantly quantize the pure spinor ghosts, and secondly to covariantly calculate matrix elements of a generic