N=4 Superconformal Mechanics and the Potential Structure of AdS Spaces

  title={N=4 Superconformal Mechanics and the Potential Structure of AdS Spaces},
  author={E. E. Donets and Anatoly Pashnev and Victor O. Rivelles and D.Sorokin and Mirian Tsulaia},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Potential structure of AdS spaces

The dynamics of anN=4 spinning particle in a curved background with the action invariant under the “small” superconformal group is described using theN=4 superfield formalism. It is shown that

N = 4 supersymmetric Eguchi-Hanson sigma model in d = 1

We show that it is possible to construct a supersymmetric mechanics with four supercharges possessing not conformally flat target space. A general idea of constructing such models is presented. A

A worldline theory for supergravity

The N $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 4 supersymmetric spinning particle admits several consistent quantizations, related to the gauging of different subgroups of the SO(4) R -symmetry on the worldline. We

Higher spin fields from a worldline perspective

Higher spin fields in four dimensions, and more generally conformal fields in arbitrary dimensions, can be described by spinning particle models with a gauged SO(N) extended supergravity on the

The curved WDVV equations and superfields

  • N. Kozyrev
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2019
We reproduce the N = 4 supersymmetric mechanics on curved spaces, constructed earlier within the Hamiltonian formalism, using the superfield methods. We show that for any such mechanics, given by the

N=4 Supersymmetric Mechanics in Harmonic Superspace

We define N=4, d=1 harmonic superspace HR 1+2|4 with an SU(2)/U(1) harmonic part, SU(2) being one of two factors of the R-symmetry group SU(2)× SU(2) of N=4, d=1 Poincare supersymmetry. We

SU(2|1) supersymmetric mechanics on curved spaces

A bstractWe present SU(2|1) supersymmetric mechanics on n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds within the Hamiltonian approach. The structure functions including prepotentials entering the supercharges



On the structure of the n = 4 supersymmetric quantum mechanics in D = 2 and D = 3

The superfield formulation of two-dimensional N = 4 extended supersymmetric quantum mechanics (SQM) is described. It is shown that the corresponding classical Lagrangian describes the motion in the

Conformal and Superconformal Mechanics

We investigate the conformal and superconformal properties of a non-relativistic spinning particle propagating in a curved background coupled to a magnetic field and with a scalar potential. We

Lectures on Superconformal Quantum Mechanics and Multi-Black Hole Moduli Spaces

This contribution to the proceedings of the 1999 NATO ASI on Quantum Geometry at Akureyri, Iceland, is based on notes of lectures given by A. Strominger. Topics include N-particle conformal quantum

Geometric superfield approach to superconformal mechanics

The new general geometric approach to d=1 conformally invariant systems, previously elaborated by the authors with an example of conformal mechanics, is applied in the supersymmetry case. The authors

Geometrical structure and ultraviolet finiteness in the supersymmetric σ-model

A complete geometrical classification of supersymmetric σ-models is given. Extended supersymmetry requires covariantly constant complex structures, and Kahler and hyperkahler manifolds play a special

N-Extended Local Supersymmetry of Massless Particles in Spaces of Constant Curvature

We review the unified description of massless spinning particles, living in spaces of constant curvature, in the framework of the pseudoclassical approach with a gauged $N$-extended worldline