N=1 super- p-branes in twistor-like Lorentz harmonic formulation

  title={N=1 super- p-branes in twistor-like Lorentz harmonic formulation},
  author={Igor Bandos and A. A. Zheltukhin},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
A unique twistor-like Lorentz harmonic formulation for all N=1 supersymmetric extended objects (super-p-branes) moving in spacetime of arbitrary dimension D (admissible for given p) is suggested. The equations of motion are derived, the explicit form of the -symmetry transformations is presented and the classical equivalence to the standard formulation is proved. The cases with minimal worldsheet dimensions p=1,2, namely the D=10 heterotic string and the D=11 supermembrane, are considered in… 

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