N,N-diethylhydroxylamine: a new electron donor to photosystem II.

  title={N,N-diethylhydroxylamine: a new electron donor to photosystem II.},
  author={Surendra Chandra Sabat and T. Sudhakar Babu and Prasanna Mohanty},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={179 2},
Diethylhydroxylamine, when added to beet spinach thylakoid membranes in the reaction mixture enhanced both photosystem II mediated dichlorophenolindophenol photoreduction and whole chain electron transport supported by methyl viologen. Diethylhydroxylamine supports dichlorophenolindophenol photoreduction when oxygen evolving complex is inactivated by hydroxylamine washings. All the electron transport assays were found to be highly sensitive to diuron, indicating that diethylhydroxylamine… CONTINUE READING