Myxoma of donor origin in a transplanted heart.

  title={Myxoma of donor origin in a transplanted heart.},
  author={Blanka Dufkov{\'a} and Ivan M{\'a}lek and Yevheniya Vymetalov{\'a} and Lenka Ho{\vs}kov{\'a} and Ivo Skalsk{\'y} and Jan Pirk and Jana Vrbsk{\'a} and Tomas Marek and Romana Bohuslavov{\'a} and Jaroslav Hub{\'a}{\vc}ek and Josef Kautzner},
  journal={The Journal of heart and lung transplantation : the official publication of the International Society for Heart Transplantation},
  volume={26 8},
Myxomas are the most common primary cardiac tumors but their presence in the transplanted heart is extremely rare. We report a case of left atrial myxoma in a patient after heart transplantation. DNA analysis confirmed a donor origin. To our knowledge, this is the first report of myxoma of donor origin in a transplanted heart.