Myxedema ascites with high CA-125: Case and a review of literature.

  title={Myxedema ascites with high CA-125: Case and a review of literature.},
  author={Roula Bou Khalil and Patrick El Rassi and Nizar Chammas and Jean Obeid and Maroun Badwi Ghabach and Charles Sakr and Tarek Itani and Said G. Farhat},
  journal={World journal of hepatology},
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Ascites appearing in a previously healthy female patient is usually ascribed to a variety of causes, among which, is a cancerous process, especially if it comes with a raised CA-125 level. Although the CA-125 antigen is present on more than 80% of malignant epithelial ovarian tissue of non-mucinous type, it is also found on both healthy and malignant cells of mesothelial and non-mesothelial origin. Myxedema ascites which is caused by hypothyroidism is a rare entity, but on the other hand is… CONTINUE READING