Myxedema Ascites: Case Report and Literature Review

  title={Myxedema Ascites: Case Report and Literature Review},
  author={Jeong-Seon Ji and H Chae and Young-Seok Cho and Hyung-Keun Kim and Sung-Soo Kim and C B Kim and C T Lee and Bo-In Lee and Hwang Choi and K M Lee and H. Lee and K W Choi},
  booktitle={Journal of Korean medical science},
Myxedema ascites caused by hypothyroidism is rare, so its diagnosis is often delayed and patients frequently receive unnecessary procedures such as liver biopsies and exploratory laparotomies. We report a 71-yr-old man with clinical ascites that was the first manifestation of hypothyroidism, and which resolved completely in response to thyroid hormone replacement therapy. To our knowledge, this is the first report of myxedema ascites in Korea. A review of the literature revealed 51 well… CONTINUE READING