Myths and Misdiagnoses of Proteus Syndrome.

  title={Myths and Misdiagnoses of Proteus Syndrome.},
  author={Leslie G. Biesecker},
  journal={Asian journal of anesthesiology},
  volume={56 1},
  • Leslie G. Biesecker
  • Published in
    Asian journal of…
  • Medicine
  • In a recent correspondence in the journal titled “Proteus syndrome: unveiling the anesthetic myths,” De et al. described anesthetic considerations for a patient who they claimed was affected with Proteus syndrome. Unfortunately, one of the myths of Proteus syndrome is that all patients claimed to have this disorder indeed have Proteus syndrome. The patient they describe is very unlikely to have Proteus syndrome based on the character of his overgrowth and the nature of his vascular anomalies… CONTINUE READING

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