Mysticism in Translation: Psychological Advances, Cautionary Tales

  title={Mysticism in Translation: Psychological Advances, Cautionary Tales},
  author={W. B. Parsons},
  • W. B. Parsons
  • Published 2018
  • This study, which is intended to inform and guide at a “meta”-level, seeks to provide genealogical, historical, and methodological clarity vis-a-vis the encounter between psychology and mysticism. The first section offers a genealogy of the cousin terms mysticism and spirituality, tracing their development from a western, churched context to an unchurched, psychological one, culminating in James’ definitional strategy in his Varieties and Michel de Certeau’s nuanced portrait of the historical… CONTINUE READING


    The Making of Modern “Mysticism”
    • 96
    • PDF
    Selling Spirituality: The Silent Takeover of Religion
    • 482
    Two Essays on Analytical Psychology
    • C. G. Jung
    • Psychology
    • The Indian Medical Gazette
    • 1929
    • 527
    Mystical Consciousness: A Modest Proposal
    • 30
    The Oceanic Feeling
    • 21
    Psychology and religion
    • 344
    Childhood and Society
    • 10,270
    Memories, Dreams, Reflections
    • 1,273
    • PDF
    Toward defining spirituality
    • 122