Mystery sensitization: What happened in the hospital???

  title={Mystery sensitization: What happened in the hospital???},
  author={Kelley M.K. Haarberg and Nancy D. Herrera and Yelena Barabanova and Matthew F. Cusick and Ashley Mendez Ruiz and Robert J. Gordon and Anat R Tambur},
The 26 y/o female, with history of double heart valve replacement, should have had an uneventful heart transplant (txp). The patient (pt) was 0% HLA-Class I, only 12% sensitized to HLA-Class II, and the virtual crossmatch against her donor was negative. Our mystery case, however, had just begun. During the txp, testing of the immediate pre-txp sample revealed the pt was 100% sensitized to HLA-Class I and 24% to Class II, flow crossmatch (FCXM) on the same sample showed strong T and B cell… CONTINUE READING