Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane

  title={Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane},
  author={Katia Moskvitch},
Build-up and release of gas from thawing permafrost most probable explanation, says Russian team. 

Cryosphere-controlled methane release throughout the last glacial cycle

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Role of subsea permafrost and gas hydrate in postglacial Arctic methane releases

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Methane release from pingo‐like features across the South Kara Sea shelf, an area of thawing offshore permafrost

The Holocene marine transgression starting at ~19 ka flooded the Arctic shelves driving extensive thawing of terrestrial permafrost. It thereby promoted methanogenesis within sediments, the

Climate change shapes the future evolution of plant metabolism

The potential effects of modern climate change on plants are discussed, with specific attention to plant specialized metabolism, and potential avenues of future scientific investigations are explored, powered by cutting‐edge methods such as synthetic biology and genome engineering.

Viscous Behavior of Clay‐Rich Rocks and Its Role in Focused Fluid Flow

Focused fluid flow is common in sedimentary basins worldwide, where flow structures often penetrate through sandy reservoir rocks, and clay‐rich caprocks. To better understand the mechanisms forming

Gas Bubble Nucleation and Migration in Soils—Pore-Network Model Simulation

Sediment can be de-saturated by introducing gas bubbles, which is found in various applications such as methane gas generation in landfill, microbial-induced gas bubble formation, air sparing method

Gas Bubble Migration and Trapping in Porous Media: Pore‐Scale Simulation

Gas bubbles can be naturally generated or intentionally introduced in sediments. Gas bubble migration and trapping affect the rate of gas emission into the atmosphere or modify the sediment

Climate Departures and Accelerated Warming

Throughout the 2010s, strategies to alleviate or reduce poverty had increasingly begun to consider the impacts of climate change. Environmental, educational, women’s empowerment, health, and

Climate Change Patterns


Permafrost thermal state in the polar Northern Hemisphere during the international polar year 2007–2009: a synthesis

The permafrost monitoring network in the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere was enhanced during the International Polar Year (IPY), and new information on permafrost thermal state was collected