Myrothecium-like new species from turfgrasses and associated rhizosphere

  title={Myrothecium-like new species from turfgrasses and associated rhizosphere},
  author={Junmin Liang and Guangshuo Li and Shiyu Zhou and Mei-jun Zhao and Lei Cai},
  pages={29 - 53}
Abstract Myrothecium sensu lato includes a group of fungal saprophytes and weak pathogens with a worldwide distribution. Myrothecium s.l. includes 18 genera, such as Myrothecium, Septomyrothecium, Myxospora, all currently included in the family Stachybotryaceae. In this study, we identified 84 myrothecium-like strains isolated from turfgrasses and their rhizosphere. Five new species, i.e., Alfariapoae, Alf.humicola, Dimorphisetaacuta, D.obtusa, and Paramyrotheciumsinense, are described based on… 

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