Myositis autoantibodies.

  title={Myositis autoantibodies.},
  author={Livia A. Casciola-Rosen and Andrew Mammen},
  journal={Current opinion in rheumatology},
  volume={24 6},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To review recent advances in our understanding of autoantibodies associated with dermatomyositis and the autoimmune necrotizing myopathies. RECENT FINDINGS Autoantibodies preferentially associated with dermatomyositis include those recognizing Mi-2, MDA5, TIF1γ, and NXP-2. Each of these is associated with a distinct clinical phenotype. Autoantibodies found in patients with autoimmune necrotizing myopathies recognize signal recognition particle and 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl… CONTINUE READING

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