Myosin Vb and Rab11a regulate phosphorylation of ezrin in enterocytes.

  title={Myosin Vb and Rab11a regulate phosphorylation of ezrin in enterocytes.},
  author={Herschel S Dhekne and Nai-Hua Hsiao and P. F. M. M. Roelofs and Meena Kumari and Christiaan L Slim and Edmond H. H. M. Rings and Sven C D van IJzendoorn},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={127 Pt 5},
Microvilli at the apical surface of enterocytes allow the efficient absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Ezrin activation by its phosphorylation at T567 is important for microvilli development, but how such ezrin phosphorylation is controlled is not well understood. We demonstrate that a subset of kinases that phosphorylate ezrin closely co-distributes with apical recycling endosome marker Rab11a in the subapical domain. Expression of dominant-negative Rab11a mutant or depletion of the… CONTINUE READING


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