Myopathy with tubulin-reactive crystalline inclusions.

  title={Myopathy with tubulin-reactive crystalline inclusions.},
  author={Tuan H Vu and Arthur P. Hays and K. Tanji and Douglas Younger and Gregg G. Gundersen and Alison Eastwood and Christian Braun and Salvatore Dimauro and Eduardo Bonilla},
  volume={57 1},
A 61-year-old man with muscle aches and persistently elevated serum creatine kinase had aggregates of randomly oriented, rhomboidal or rectangular protein crystalline inclusions in the sarcoplasm of type II fibers. Immunochemical studies showed strong reactivity of the inclusions to tubulin antibodies, suggesting that these unique crystalline inclusions may be a consequence of altered synthesis, processing, or degradation of tubulin. 

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