Myogenic tone in coronary arteries from spontaneously hypertensive rats.

  title={Myogenic tone in coronary arteries from spontaneously hypertensive rats.},
  author={Stephan Ramon Garcia and Ashley S Izzard and Anthony M Heagerty and Stuart J. Bund},
  journal={Journal of vascular research},
  volume={34 2},
The aims of this study were to investigate myogenic tone in cannulated coronary arteries from SHR (spontaneously hypertensive rats) and WKY (Wistar-Kyoto rats) at 5 and 20 weeks of age under pressurised no-flow conditions. Pressure-diameter relationships (20-200 mm Hg) were determined in the presence (active) and absence (passive) of calcium and myogenic tone at each pressure was calculated. Active, but not passive diameter-pressure relationships were significantly different between strains at… CONTINUE READING


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