Myofibrillar gene expression in differentiating lobster claw muscles.

  title={Myofibrillar gene expression in differentiating lobster claw muscles.},
  author={Scott Alan Medler and Travis R. Lilley and Jocelyn H Riehl and Eva Mulder and Ernest S. Chang and Donald L. Mykles},
  journal={Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Ecological genetics and physiology},
  volume={307 5},
Lobster claw muscles undergo a process of fiber switching during development, where isomorphic muscles containing a mixture of both fast and slow fibers, become specialized into predominantly fast, or exclusively slow, muscles. Although this process has been described using histochemical methods, we lack an understanding of the shifts in gene expression that take place. In this study, we used several complementary techniques to follow changes in the expression of a number of myofibrillar genes… CONTINUE READING

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