Myoepithelium in salivary and mammary neoplasms is host-friendly.

  title={Myoepithelium in salivary and mammary neoplasms is host-friendly.},
  author={John G. Batsakis and A El-naggar},
  journal={Advances in anatomic pathology},
  volume={6 4},
This commentary relates to ameliorative effects of myoepithelial cells in carcinomas of salivary glands and the breast as viewed not only by proliferative characteristics, but also by laboratory experiments and clinicopathologic evidence. The tumor suppressor action of myoepithelium is, in part, associated with its matrix-synthesizing and proteinase inhibitor properties. Loss of the myoepithelial phenotype yields a more aggressive carcinoma with enhanced invasive and metastatic capability. 

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