Myocarditis as a complication in scleroderma patients with myositis.

  title={Myocarditis as a complication in scleroderma patients with myositis.},
  author={Leslie Dubin Kerr and Harry Spiera},
  journal={Clinical cardiology},
  volume={16 12},
This report describes six diffuse scleroderma (PSS) patients with skeletal muscle myositis accompanied by severe myocarditis, diagnosed by CPK-MB elevation in conjunction with severe left ventricular (LV) hypokinesis. Although the myositis improved with steroid therapy in all patients, those treated with steroids alone died due to progressive LV failure. This experience suggests that the LV dysfunction in PSS patients with myositis may have an inflammatory component. Since the myocarditis may… CONTINUE READING

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