Myocardial tissue Doppler and long axis function in the fetal heart.

  title={Myocardial tissue Doppler and long axis function in the fetal heart.},
  author={Helena M Gardiner and Lucia Pasquini and Joanne Wolfenden and Anna Barlow and Wei Li and Elena Kulinskaya and Michael y. Henein},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={113 1},
UNLABELLED Current echocardiographic assessment of fetal ventricular function uses relatively crude measures and this has led to inconsistencies in assessment of diastolic function. Long axis parameters may be more insightful. OBJECTIVE To describe fetal long axis cardiac function and construct reference ranges. DESIGN 159 normal fetuses were studied cross-sectionally using long axis M-mode to measure displacement of the atrioventricular ring and pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound to record… CONTINUE READING

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