Myocardial remodeling after infarction: the role of myofibroblasts

  title={Myocardial remodeling after infarction: the role of myofibroblasts},
  author={Susanne W. M. van den Borne and J M Olivares D{\'i}ez and W. Matthijs Blankesteijn and Johan W H Verjans and Leo Hofstra and Jagat S. Narula},
  journal={Nature Reviews Cardiology},
Myofibroblasts have characteristics of fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells: they produce extracellular matrix and are able to contract. In so doing, they can contribute to tissue replacement and interstitial fibrosis following cardiac injury. The scar formed after myocardial injury is no longer considered to be passive tissue; it is an active playground where myofibroblasts play a role in collagen turnover and scar contraction. Maintaining the extracellular matrix in the scar is essential and… CONTINUE READING
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