Myeloprotection by cytidine deaminase gene transfer in antileukemic therapy.

  title={Myeloprotection by cytidine deaminase gene transfer in antileukemic therapy.},
  author={Nico Lachmann and Sebastian Brennig and Ruhi Phaltane and Michael Flasshove and Dagmar Dilloo and Thomas Moritz},
  volume={15 3},
Gene transfer of drug resistance (CTX-R) genes can be used to protect the hematopoietic system from the toxicity of anticancer chemotherapy and this concept recently has been proven by overexpression of a mutant O(6)-methylguaninemethyltransferase in the hematopoietic system of glioblastoma patients treated with temozolomide. Given its protection capacity against such relevant drugs as cytosine arabinoside (ara-C), gemcitabine, decitabine, or azacytidine and the highly hematopoiesis-specific… CONTINUE READING
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