Myeloperoxidase-dependent generation of a tyrosine peroxide by neutrophils.

  title={Myeloperoxidase-dependent generation of a tyrosine peroxide by neutrophils.},
  author={Christine C Winterbourn and H Pichorner and Anthony J Kettle},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={338 1},
It has recently been shown that tyrosyl radicals react with superoxide to form a peroxide adduct of tyrosine. Since myeloperoxidase oxidizes tyrosine to its radical, and neutrophils and monocytes contain myeloperoxidase as well as produce superoxide, we have investigated whether tyrosine peroxide could be a significant product of tyrosine oxidation by these cells. Oxidation of tyrosine by purified myeloperoxidase and a superoxide-generating system, and by stimulated human neutrophils, was found… CONTINUE READING


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