Myelopathy caused by retro-odontoid disc hernia: case report.

  title={Myelopathy caused by retro-odontoid disc hernia: case report.},
  author={Sigeru Nishizawa and H. Ryu and Tetsuo Yokoyama and Kazuya Uemura},
  volume={39 6},
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Among masses in the craniovertebral junction causing severe compression of the medulla and upper cervical cord, cases of retro-odontoid disc hernia are extremely rare. We report a case of retro-odontoid disc hernia resulting in severe myelopathy. CLINICAL PRESENTATION An 82-year-old man suffered from progressive tetraparesis. Although cervical radiological studies showed marked spondylotic change, no congenital malformations or traumatic lesions were identified… CONTINUE READING