Myelomeningocele as newborn complication of lupus patient . A singular case

  • Carmen Villavicencio Narváez
  • Published 2017


Introduction: pregnancy is considered a risk in patients with rheumatic diseases. The relationship between pregnancy and rheumatic diseases is colored by exacerbation or remission of the disease and possible effects of pregnancy and your final product. Disorders of neural tube development are the second largest group of congenital malformations, with the myelomeningocele is one of the most common malformations. Case presentation: the case of a newborn with myelomeningocele, the son of a female patient of 27 years diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus 4 years of evolution is presented. Conclusions: congenital malformations in patients with rheumatic diseases can respond to various causes. Myelomeningocele complicates the evolution of the newborn with potential neurologic.

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