Myeloma and Hybridoma Cell Counts and Viability Checks.

  title={Myeloma and Hybridoma Cell Counts and Viability Checks.},
  author={Edward A Greenfield},
  journal={Cold Spring Harbor protocols},
  volume={2019 10},
For most purposes, the number of hybridoma or myeloma cells can be estimated simply by observing the cells under the microscope. When an exact cell count is needed, the number can be determined by using a hemocytometer (improved Neubauer counting chambers are the most commonly used). This is a simple device in which a special coverslip rests on supports that hold it 0.1 mm above the base of the slide. The slide is engraved with a series of lines that form 1 × 1-mm squares. By counting the… CONTINUE READING

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