Myeloid-derived suppressor cell role in tumor-related inflammation.

  title={Myeloid-derived suppressor cell role in tumor-related inflammation.},
  author={Luigi Dolcetti and Ilaria Marigo and Barbara Mantelli and Elisa Peranzoni and Paola Zanovello and Vincenzo Bronte},
  journal={Cancer letters},
  volume={267 2},
Chronic inflammatory state can create a proper environment for neoplastic onset and sustain cancer growth. The inflammatory state that arises at the tumor edge could contribute to immune escape phenomena in many ways. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), a cell population that contributes to tumor escape, immune tolerance, and suppression, respond to a variety of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory stimuli, which drive their recruitment and activation. Understanding how the inflammatory… CONTINUE READING

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