Myelodysplastic features in visceral leishmaniasis.

  title={Myelodysplastic features in visceral leishmaniasis.},
  author={Neşe Yarali and Tunç Fişgin and Feride Duru and Abdurrahman Kara},
  journal={American journal of hematology},
  volume={71 3},
We have detected trilineage myelodysplasia in two children recently diagnosed to have visceral leishmaniasis (V.L.), which led us to investigate retrospectively available peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate smears of 5 children previously diagnosed as V.L. We saw that they also had trilineage myelodysplasia. We postulate that elevated levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) may cause trilineage myelodysplasia in the patients with V.L. This nonclonal myelodysplasia may be… CONTINUE READING
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