Myectomy reduces ileal motility after ileoanal anastomosis.

  title={Myectomy reduces ileal motility after ileoanal anastomosis.},
  author={P M Sagar and G. H. Cotton Salter and Peter J. Holdsworth and Roderick Whitfield King and David Johnston},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={78 5},
The hypothesis tested was that myectomy of the distal ileum would produce a long-lasting decrease in ileal motility, and so render single-lumen ileum more suitable for use as a rectal substitute in the course of restorative proctocolectomy, without the need for a pelvic ileal reservoir. Ileal motility, both spontaneous and in response to intraluminal volatile fatty acids (VFA), was studied after proctocolectomy in 25 female adult beagles, at least 6 months after ileoanal anastomosis alone (IAA… CONTINUE READING