Mycotoxins in animal feedstuffs in Ontario: 1972 to 1977.

  title={Mycotoxins in animal feedstuffs in Ontario: 1972 to 1977.},
  author={H S Funnell},
  journal={Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue canadienne de medecine comparee},
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  • H S Funnell
  • Published 1979 in
    Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue…
Records of the Toxicology Laboratory, Veterinary Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, indicate that 277 of 2,022 specimens of feedstuffs submitted between October 1, 1972 and September 30, 1978 contained one or more mycotoxins. The data indicate that zearalenone is an important mycotoxin in the provincial corn crops and that its incidence fluctuates from year to year. The percentages of specimens containing zearalenone were 16.3 (1972), 4.1 (1973), 5.5 (1974), 22.4 (1975… CONTINUE READING