Mycotoxigenic potential ofAspergillus flavus strains isolated from groundnuts growing in Israel

  title={Mycotoxigenic potential ofAspergillus flavus strains isolated from groundnuts growing in Israel},
  author={Dr N. Lisker and Rina Michaeli and Z. R. Frank},
Two hundred strains of the Aspergillus flavus group isolated from groundnuts (peanuts) growing in Israel were examined for their ability to produce mycotoxins in potato dextrose (PD) broth. Almost 77% of the isolates produced aflatoxin; aflatoxins B1 and B2 were formed by most of the isolates. Simultaneous production of aflatoxins of groups B and G was detected in only 0.5% of the isolates. Microscopic examination revealed that 98% of the isolates wereA. flavus and only 2%A. parasiticus… CONTINUE READING

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