Mycorrhizal symbiosis induces plant carbon reallocation differently in C3 and C4 Panicum grasses

  title={Mycorrhizal symbiosis induces plant carbon reallocation differently in C3 and C4 Panicum grasses},
  author={Veronika Řez{\'a}{\vc}ov{\'a} and Renata Slav{\'i}kov{\'a} and Lenka Zemkov{\'a} and Tereza Konvalinkov{\'a} and Věra Proch{\'a}zkov{\'a} and V{\'a}clav {\vS}ťov{\'i}{\vc}ek and Hana Hr{\vs}elov{\'a} and Olena Beskid and Martina Hujslov{\'a} and Hana Gryndlerov{\'a} and Milan Gryndler and David P{\"u}schel and Jan Jansa},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Although arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis is common in many plants with either C3 or C4 photosynthesis, it remains poorly understood whether photosynthesis type has any significant impact on carbon (C) fluxes in mycorrhizal plants. Thus, we compared mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal (NM) plants belonging to Panicum bisulcatum (C3) to its congeneric P. maximum (C4). Plants were or were not exposed to arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) fungal inoculation and/or phosphorus (P) fertilization. Plants’ C… CONTINUE READING


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