Mycopteris, a new neotropical genus of grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae)

  title={Mycopteris, a new neotropical genus of grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae)},
  author={Michael A Sundue},
Mycopteris, a new genus of grammitid ferns, is described and combinations are made for the species that belong to it. Mycopteris is diagnosed by castaneous rhizome scales with turgid cells, usually pectinate laminae, blackish petioles and rachises, blackish pinna costae and veins, reddish setae, cretaceous hydathodes, glabrous sporangia, and the presence of Acrospermum ascomes. It is entirely neotropical, ranging from Mexico east into the West Indies and south to Bolivia. Mycopteris is one of… CONTINUE READING

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