Mycolyltransferase-mediated glycolipid exchange in Mycobacteria.

  title={Mycolyltransferase-mediated glycolipid exchange in Mycobacteria.},
  author={Isamu Matsunaga and Takashi Naka and Rahul Subhash Talekar and Matthew J. McConnell and Kumiko Katoh and Hitomi Nakao and Atsushi Otsuka and Samuel M Behar and Ikuya Yano and D. Branch Moody and Masahiko Sugita},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={283 43},
Trehalose dimycolate (TDM), also known as cord factor, is a major surface glycolipid of the cell wall of mycobacteria. Because of its potent biological functions in models of infection, adjuvancy, and immunotherapy, it is important to determine how its biosynthesis is regulated. Here we show that glucose, a host-derived product that is not readily available in the environment, causes Mycobacterium avium to down-regulate TDM expression while up-regulating production of another major glycolipid… CONTINUE READING

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