Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a closed colony of baboons (Papio ursinus).

  title={Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a closed colony of baboons (Papio ursinus).},
  author={P. Bernard Fourie and M W Odendaal},
  journal={Laboratory animals},
  volume={17 2},
An outbreak of tuberculosis in a nonhuman primate colony involved 11 of 91 (12.1%) baboons (Papio ursinus). Tuberculin tests identified 80%, X-ray screening 10% and throat swab bacteriology 30% of diseased animals. Cough was a misleading indicator of tuberculosis. Stress resulting from experimental interference with animals was unrelated to disease development. Twice as many females as males were attacked. Screening and prophylactic, therapeutic and preventive measures are discussed. 

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