Mycobacterium smegmatis histone-like protein Hlp is nucleoid associated.

  title={Mycobacterium smegmatis histone-like protein Hlp is nucleoid associated.},
  author={Anirban Mukherjee and Patrick J. DiMario and Anne Grove},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={291 2},
Eubacteria encode proteins that are required for nucleoid organization and for regulation of DNA-dependent processes. Of these histone-like proteins (Hlps), Escherichia coli HU has been shown to associate with the nucleoid and to regulate processes such as DNA repair and recombination. In contrast, the divergent HU homologs encoded by mycobacteria have been variously identified as involved in the physiology of dormancy, in the response to cold shock, or as laminin-binding proteins associated… CONTINUE READING
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