Mycobacterium bourgelatii sp. nov., a rapidly growing, non-chromogenic species isolated from the lymph nodes of cattle.

  title={Mycobacterium bourgelatii sp. nov., a rapidly growing, non-chromogenic species isolated from the lymph nodes of cattle.},
  author={V. Gu{\'e}rin-Faubl{\'e}e and J. Flandrois and C. Pichat and M. Boschiroli and B. Lamy},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={63 Pt 12},
Three independent strains of a rapidly growing, non-chromogenic member of the genus Mycobacterium were isolated from lymph nodes of French cattle. Identification of the isolates was carried out using a polyphasic approach. The nearly complete SSU rRNA gene sequences (>1200 bp) of the strains MLB-A23, MLB-A30 and MLB-A84(T) were identical. A phylogenetic analysis of these unique SSU rRNA gene sequences showed that these strains were most closely related to Mycobacterium intermedium. Further… Expand
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