MycN sensitizes neuroblastoma cells for drug-triggered apoptosis.

  title={MycN sensitizes neuroblastoma cells for drug-triggered apoptosis.},
  author={Simone Fulda and Werner Lutz and Manfred Schwab and K. M. Debatin},
  journal={Medical and pediatric oncology},
  volume={35 6},
BACKGROUND Amplification of the MYCN gene is found in a large proportion of neuroblastomas and is associated with a poor prognosis. PROCEDURE To investigate the effect of ectopic MycN expression on the susceptibility of neuroblastoma cells to cytotoxic drugs, we used a human neuroblastoma cell line with tetracycline-controlled expression of MycN. RESULTS Neither conditional expression of MycN alone nor low drug concentrations induced apoptosis. However, MycN and cytotoxic drugs cooperated… CONTINUE READING

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