Myasthenia gravis in childhood.

  title={Myasthenia gravis in childhood.},
  author={Banu Anlar and Emire Ozdirim and Yavuz Renda and Kalbiye Yalaz and Sabiha Aysun and M Fatih Topçu and Haluk Topaloğlu},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={85 7},
Clinical features, serum acetylcholine receptor antibody (AChRAb) titres and course were reviewed in a series of 25 congenital (CMG) and 30 juvenile (JMG) myasthenia gravis cases to recognize characteristics of childhood-onset myasthenia and its subgroups. The initial symptom for CMG is ptosis accompanied or followed by generalized weakness; myasthenic crises do not occur and spontaneous remissions are rare. In JMG, the distribution of weakness remains the same, but the severity fluctuates… CONTINUE READING

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