Mutually exclusive distribution of IS1548 and GBSi1, an active group II intron identified in human isolates of group B streptococci.


The present study shows that active, self-splicing group II intron GBSi1 is located downstream of the C5a-peptidase gene, scpB, in some group B streptococcus (GBS) isolates that lack insertion sequence IS1548. IS1548 was previously reported to be often present at the scpB locus in GBS isolated in association with endocarditis. Since none of 67 GBS isolates examined, 40 of which were of serotype III, harbored both IS1548 and GBSi1, these two elements are suggested to be markers for different genetic lineages in GBS serotype III. The DNA region downstream of scpB in GBS isolates harboring either GBSi1, IS1548, or none of these mobile elements was found to encode the laminin binding protein, Lmb, which shows sequence similarities to a family of streptococcal adhesins. IS1548 is inserted 9 bp upstream of the putative promoter for lmb, while the insertion site for GBSi1 is located 88 bp further upstream. Sequences highly similar to GBSi1 exist also in Streptococcus pneumoniae. An inverted repeat sequence, with features typical of transcription terminators, was identified immediately upstream of the insertion site for the group II intron both in the GBS and S. pneumoniae sequences. This motif is suggested to constitute a target for the GBS intron as well as for rather closely related introns in Bacillus halodurans, Pseudomonas alcaligenes, and Pseudomonas putida. When transcripts containing the GBSi1 intron were incubated at high concentrations of ammonium and magnesium, a major product with the expected length and sequence for the ligated exons was generated. Unlike, however, all members of group II investigated so far, the excised intron was in linear, rather than in a branched (lariat), form.

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